• All fish entered for Federation trophies, medals, prizes and records must be caught by fair angling with rod and line.  
  • A maximum of THREE HOOKS, fished on either one or two rods.
  • A treble hook counts as one hook.
  • Foul hooked fish will NOT be accepted. Definition - The point of the hook must have entered from the inside of the mouth or lip.
  • All fish must be weighed on calibrated scales - a copy of the calibration certificate must be held by the SWFSA at the start of the year for awards to be valid.  Please note a renewal certificate will be required on expiry (i.e. every 12-24 Months depending on the life of the calibration certificate to a maximum of 24 months).  
  • Members without access to club scales may have their fish weighed on scales that have a current certificate of accuracy, e.g. Tradesmans. If this method is used the angler must obtain a letterhead or bill of sale, or similar, stating the weight of fish, signed by the person who weighed it.
  • A completed claim form and a weight certificate must be sent to the fish recorder by the 10th day of the month following the capture of the fish.
  • No species of fish will be accepted unless it is at least 75% of the Federation’s specimen weight for the species.
  • All fish are measured from the head to the tip of tail for minimum size.        
  • Any fish caught and weighed in for SWFSA awards MUST NOT be sold for gain or exchanged for reward.

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